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My writings (in English)

Presidential Election- A Comical Dance

Exploring Thai links and the basic Buddhist concepts, with Sulak Sivaraksa of Thailand

More Questions about bomb blasts

Heroes Day Speech : Tigers sing the praises of the fallen

Chandrika's Sordid Overture: Soiled, Soaked and Sullied

Coming To Terms With Tamils

Norwegian initiated Peace Negotiation is on Course

A Canal

Historical discourse for CDA Assembly

A shaky basis for Sri Lankan peace

Tigers, Colombo remain locked in lethal dance

India holds the key to peace in Lanka?

Appeal to save the Tamil civilians trapped in the war zone

Not a prophecy but a prediction

ICC: Humanities Ultimate Outpost

An Analysis - Jaswant Singhs visit a wake-up call to the Tamils

Historical Survey of Eelam

Tiger base in Thailand … a faux pas

Arms Race in The Indian Ocean Region


The Politics of Duplicity – A coup manqué

Book review - by K.T.Rajasingham

Locating Ophir - The Search for El Dorado

The Beginning: Created or Originated?





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